It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself and Global Korea Co., Ltd.

After serving as the Senior Vice President of Global Business Center, Korea Telecom and also serving as the Senior Vice President of Chungbuk Regional Business Group, KT, I retired in 2003 and established Global Korea Co., Ltd, e-commerce B2B global marketing company in Seoul, Korea in August 2003.

As of 21st June, 2004, I have been designated the Chairman of the India International Trade Centre, South Korea Region, Director of Macro Corporate Services Pvt., Ltd, South Korea Region, and the Special Advisor to IT Development Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Global Korea Co., Ltd in cooperation with 160 Business Partner Companies and Investors is vicariously exporting and importing items related to Ships, Agricultural Equipments, Heavy Equipment, Chinaware, Automobiles, Medicine, Second Hand Machine, Cosmetics, PC Café, Computers( Sale and Assemble), Servers( Sale and Rent), IDC, Call Center, National Internet Backborn, e-Government, Cyber Education, VoIP(Internet Phones), Broadband ADSL/VDSL, Security, e-Commerce, e-Trade, Internet Video Conferencing, On-line Portal, Web and Server hosting, System Integration, IT Solution, Construction and Development of large scale of Industrial and Entertainment Complex in foreign countries.

Principally Global Korea Co., Ltd is promoting Project Financing with cooperation and joint effort with nations blessed with natural resources and having a sizeable population but having a rather weak SOC and Information and Technology infrastructure and also increasing bilateral trade for a Win-Win strategy.

Overseas Business is my sphere of specialty and I have a long experience in the Information and Technology sector. Top priority of GKs Business is focused on Globalization of Korean Products, development of national growth engine and solving gap of Digital Divide in developing counties, and constructing Korea IT town and Korea IT belt in 50 foreign counties throughout the world.

I look forward to developing a good relationship to the mutual benefit of our organizations in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Jae Mo Kah
President of Global Korea Co., Ltd
Chairman India International Trade Centre, Korea Region
Director, INDIA MACRO Corporate Services PVT. LTD, Korea Region
Special Advisor, Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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